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JR Mastering / John Rogers

I opened JR mastering studio in 1999, in Las Vegas, NV.  Since then, I've mastered over 45,000 songs for over 8,500 satisfied clients in every genre and style of music. 

I get a VERY VERY high percentage of first time clients who are new to professional mastering.  I believe this is because first time clients don't know what to expect, and want an engineer who not only does great work, but is honest and will help them get their songs sounding the very best they can.  At an affordable price. 

I'm also the author of the best selling audio mastering book for 2019 & 2018 on  Mixing & mastering is my life and I have the knowledge, experience, and gear to make your project shine!

If you need a project mixed or mastered, I will treat your project as if it were my own, using all of the mixing and mastering techniques I've developed over the past 19 plus years.  I will do a great job for you!

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Cheap Audio Mastering / Brett Anderson

Hello my name is Brett Anderson, owner of Cheap Audio Mastering, located in Encino, CA.  Open since 2012.

I started my career in 2002 working with John Rogers at JR mastering.  Since the start of my career, I've mastered over 15,000 songs in every style of music. 

10 years later I opened my own mixing and mastering studio in California.

Let ME do an AMAZING job for you, at a very very affordable price.  I'm very good at what I do!

Here's some of the gear I'll use when mixing and mastering your project.

Pro Tools
TC Electronics
Genelec & Yamaha

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